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Why use a headset

Headsets free your hands to enter data on your computer, take an order and make notes. Not having a headset is like having a TV Remote with no batteries.

Headsets will increase your productivity by up to 43 %; you'll lower costs, make fewer mistakes and give far better service.
Call handling will increase to an average of sixteen more calls a day in a busy environment and thousands more in the year.

Conference Phones allow immediate clear and concise meetings for inter branch and customer calls accommodating numerous people from different geographical regions.

Instead of cradling a handset between your cheek and shoulder a Headset will reduce neck, upper back and shoulder tension by as much as 41 %.

Conference Phones are no longer the big Spider / Starfish phones only found in Boardrooms. Wireless units with DECT Technology offer freedom of movement.

We offer a wide range of wired and wireless headset options for every office application.
Each product is ergonomically designed to fit the way you choose and where you want to communicate.

Every headset and conference phone has a minimum 1- 2 year warranty.

Increased Communication Efficiency

The advancement in the development of Audio Conferencing equipment is now the smart green and economical alternative to travel, with immediate and instant audio collaboration with distant colleagues.

The net result of headset and conference phone use is a saving of both time and money or, to put it another way, the ability to take and make more calls.

The additional flexibility and freedom of movement offered by these devices will increase telephone efficiency and cost - effectiveness, while improving customer satisfaction through more relaxed and friendly service.